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Zinc Die Casting Components

Zinc high strength and hardness lends itself to many solutions and it’s the ideal alternative to machined, pressed, stamped, and fabricated components.

The castability of zinc, its wear resistance, and structural integrity make it perfect for the creation of the multi-faceted, highly complex shapes used in automotive safety and electronics industry

Complex net-shaped zinc housings, with precise thin walls offer excellent electrical performance and shielding properties

We produce zinc die cast components with our hot chamber die casting machines

We use modern hot-chamber die casting machines, which allow exact and permanent monitoring of all die casting parameters. In general we process the commonly used alloy ZP0410. On request however we can also process other alloys if required.

We have many years’ experience in the zinc die casting process and a highly qualified team of experts is indispensable when it comes to finding solutions to customer requirements.

We manufactures the complete range of zinc die casting alloys.

WE handles all aspects of zinc die casting from mold design and testing, to zinc component manufacturing, finishing, and packaging

We focus on quality and problem solving in our based Zinc Molding manufacturing facility. We know that on-time delivery is important to your bottom line, so we make it a top priority.

TRAF ZN Co. has a wide selection of finishes to serve to any kind of need of its customers

Zinc Alloy Characteristics

High strength and hardness
Excellent thin wall capability
High quality finishing characteristics
Outstanding corrosion resistance
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