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zinc die cast components

We are zamak manufacturer;produce zinc die cast components;manufacturer of zinc alloys for die casting

Specializes in manufacturing zinc die casting alloys and components

TRAF ZN Corporation is one of the leader firms in the manufacturing and trading of high quality zinc alloys, zamak, zinc die casting parts, aluminium die casting parts, jewelry molding rubber and spin casting rubber

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We guarantee that our products are consistent with international standards and we commit minimum wastage. We achieve this with our high-tech analysis and manufacturing machines with our qualified and experienced work force.

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Induction Melting Systems

We don’t use scrap material

We produce zamak from high quality SHG and HG zinc ingot

We produce special analysis zinc alloys (Zamak)

Competitive prices and quality

Feel confident in our expert team

As a dynamic and innovative company, TRAF ZN has become a symbol of trust, quality and dynamism in casting industry.

Our objective is to provide an excellent customer service to our partner.